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Urban Vinyl > 5" Ren

  5" Ren

Ren - My name is Ren, which means "human" in Chinese. I am a very small person. My best friend is a small red cart, which helps me haul all my stuff. I always carry a backpack when I go out. There I keep all my secrets - since they are secret, I will not tell you what they are.

Ren at a Glance

* A 5" tall vinyl figure
* Made by centrifugal casting
* Perfect gift to your loved ones
* Take it everywhere
* Decorate your workplace
* Take picture with you when traveling

What's in the box

* A 5" tall vinyl figure with 3 movable joints
* Premium leather backpack
* XL-sized wagon

Edition size: 500 pcs only 


Our price: 34.99

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Urban Vinyl > 5" Ren