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Dark Ark #11

Dark Ark #11

Dark Ark #11

(W) Cullen Bunn (A/CA) Juan Doe


At long last, the rains have stopped. But the flood waters have yet to recede. Still, new life-both human and monster-is born into the world. And as the Manticore Kruul learns what it means to be a father, Shrae's newborn grandchild is dying from a supernatural ailment. The secret of a cure lies with one of Shrae's most bitter enemies!

From writer Cullen Bunn (UNHOLY GRAIL, X-Men Blue, Deadpool, Venom) and artist Juan Doe (ANIMOSITY: THE RISE, AMERICAN MONSTER, WORLD READER) comes a sinister tale of biblical proportions!

November 14th 2018

Online Price: 3.20
Subscriber Price: 2.30