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Dark Horse Comics

Aliens: Resistance  *New Title*   
Anthem  *New Title*   
Astro Hustle  *New Title*   
Avatar: Tsu Teys Path  *New Title*   
Bad Luck Chuck  *New Title*   
Black Hammer '45  *New Title*   
Calamity Kate  *New Title*   
Fight Club 3  *New Title*   
Frozen Reunion Road  *New Title*   
Gamma  *New Title*   
Girl in the Bay  *New Title*   
Invisible Kingdom  *New Title*   
Last Stop On The Red Line  *New Title*   
Mystery Science Theater 3000  *New Title*   
Seeds  *New Title*   
She Could Fly: The Lost Pilot  *New Title*   
Stranger Things: Six  *New Title*   
Trout: The Hollowest Knock  *New Title*   
Wyrd  *New Title*