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Flash War - DC Event Bundle

Flash War - DC Event Bundle

Flash War - DC Event Bundle

You ask and we provide!

This Flash War event bundle will ensure you will receive all issues involved in the upcoming DC event Flash War. Which Flash is the Flash? You'll have to read the Flash War event to find out!

The event begins with:

• The Flash Annual #1 - Prelude (on sale January)
• Flash #46 - Flash War Part 1 (on sale April 2018)
• Titans #?? - Flash War Part 2 (on sale TBC)

Adding this to your basket will ensure you receive all tie in issues. If you are currently a subscriber and already subscribed to the Flash, adding this bundle to your subscription will ensure you receive any cross over issues; rest assured you will not receive duplicates.

Flash #46 will appear in DC's April 2018 Solicitations, this bundle will be updated with more information as it is released from DC.

Additional terms:

• Please note the individual cost may fluctuate depending on the issue (ex. Annuals are more expensive than single issues).
• This bundle does include the subscriber 30% discount.
• Ordering this bundle after the release of part 1 may reduce your chances of acquiring the full tie-in story.
• Be aware that comics are subject to delays and changed by the publisher.
• You can cancel any title at any time, it will not cancel your bundle unless you request it.

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Our Price: 3.15
Shop Price : 3.15 per following issue