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Hasbro Subscription Bundle

Hasbro Subscription Bundle

Hasbro Subscription Bundle

Explore what's possible -- with our help!

Adding this to your cart will save you 30% off shop price and subscribe you to the following titles:

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero -- £2.30
Transformers: Lost Light -- £2.30
ROM vs Transformers: Shining Armor -- £2.30
Optimus Prime -- £2.30
First Strike -- £2.30

This package will also subscribe you to ALL upcoming, related and new Hasbro and FIRST STRIKE EVENT titles, tie-ins and Annuals.

Your subscription will start from the most recently released issue.

Please note that prices and due dates are subject to change via the publisher, the price provided below is an estimate of 5 issues per month.

NOTE: Payment is taken monthly for ongoing subscription; cost may differ due to release dates.

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Our Price: 11.50
Shop Price : 16.00