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Horror Bundle

Horror Bundle

Horror Bundle

You ask and we provide!

Sometimes all you need it to be scared, or creeped out. That feeling when you read something so awful and good at the same time that you get those shives down your spine all day; missing this in your every day life? Then the horror bundle is for you. The horror bundle includes the following titles:

• 30 Days of Night
• Babyteeth
• Gideon Falls
• October Faction - Supernatural Dreams
• Walking Dead

Mature Readers

Adding this to your basket will ensure you recieve all series' and arcs relating to the above titles (Such as any specials or Annuals. If you are already subscribed to something on this list fear not! You can still add it to your subscription; rest assured you will not receive duplicates.

Additional terms:

• Please note the individual cost may fluctuate depending on the issue (ex. Annuals are more expensive than single issues).
• This bundle does include the subscriber 30% discount.
• Ordering this bundle after the release of part 1 of an arc will entitle you to available back issues.
• Be aware that comics are subject to delays and changes by the publisher.
• You can cancel any title at any time, it will not cancel your bundle unless you request it.

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