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7th Sword    
30 Days Of Night  *New Title*   
Angry Birds: Flight School  *New Title*   
Assassinistas  *New Title*   
Back To The Future: Time Train  *New Title*   
The Beautiful War  *New Title*   
Biggest Bang    
Diablo House     
Disney's Giant Halloween Hex  *New Title*   
Dread Gods    
Duck Tales  *New Title*   
Giantkillers  *New Title*   
Gumballs  *New Title*   
Kid Lobotomy  *New Title*   
Kull Eternal    
Optimus Prime    
Phantasmagoria  *New Title*   
ROM and The Micronauts  *New Title*   
Saucer State     
Scarlett's Strike Force  *New Title*   
Shed  *New Title*   
String Divers    
Sword of Ages  *New Title*   
TMNT Universe    
Uncle Scrooge    
Weird Love    
Wormwood Goes To Washington  *New Title*   
X-Files JFK Disclosure  *New Title*