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Amber Blake  *New Title*   
Avengers (IDW)  *New Title*   
Black Panther (IDW)  *New Title*   
From Hell - Master Edition  *New Title*   
G.I. Joe: Sierra Muerte  *New Title*   
Gears of War: Hivebusters  *New Title*   
Giantkillers (one-shot)  *New Title*   
Glow  *New Title*   
Go-Bots  *New Title*   
House Amok  *New Title*   
Impossible Inc.  *New Title*   
Kull Eternal    
Kull Eternal Annual 2018  *New Title*   
Lodger  *New Title*   
Magic The Gathering: Chandra  *New Title*   
Maxx 100 Page Giant  *New Title*   
Night Moves  *New Title*   
Punks Not Dead: London Calling  *New Title*   
Rocketeer Reborn  *New Title*   
Sonic The Hedgehog Annual 2019  *New Title*   
Spider-Man (IDW)  *New Title*   
Star Trek Q - Conflict  *New Title*   
Star Trek vs Transformers  *New Title*   
TMNT - Shredder In Hell  *New Title*   
Transformers  *New Title*   
Uncle Scrooge