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Image Firsts - Bundle

Image Firsts - Bundle

Image Firsts - Bundle

All the new Image titles in one place!

Image Comics puts out some fantastic new titles every single month, and there's always high demand. To ensure you don't miss any, we thought it would be handy to put them all in one place. With this bundle, you will be sent every Image #1 as it is released to us, then it's up to you if you would like to subscribe as ongoing.

This bundle for November contains:

• Auntie Agatha’S Home For Wayward Rabbits #1
• Bitter Root #1
• Outer Darkness #1
• The Warning #1

Adding this to your basket will mean you will *only* receive #1 of the new Image titles each month. If you wish to subscribe as ongoing to any of the new titles you receive, please let us know.

If there are any titles within the bundle that you would *not* like to receive, you can just drop us an e-mail to let us know you'd rather skip that title.

If there are any titles you already subscribe to, they will not be affected by this bundle. If you subscribe to a title included in this bundle, your seperate order will over rule the 'Only eceive issue #1' clause attached to this bundle.

Additional terms:

• Please note the individual cost may fluctuate depending on the issue (ex. Annuals are more expensive than single issues).
• This bundle does include the subscriber 30% discount.
• Ordering this bundle will ensure your subscription starts from the most recently released issue.
• Be aware that comics are subject to delays and changes by the publisher.
• You can cancel any title at any time, it will not cancel your bundle unless you request it.
• Please note, items sent through this bundle are not vible for return after purchase.

Available Now!

Online Price: 2.65
Subscriber Price: 2.65 per following issue