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Kid Friendly Starter Bundle

Kid Friendly Starter Bundle

Kid Friendly Starter Bundle

You ask and we provide!

If you're looking for a way to get your child or a younger relative into comics, weve got this perfect bundle ready for you!

• Adventure Time
• Champions
• Power Rangers
• Scooby Doo Team - Up
• Super Sons

Adding this to your basket will ensure you receive all the above titles as well as any arc related annuals so you never midd a thing!

Additional terms:

• Please note the individual cost may fluctuate depending on the issue (ex. Annuals are more expensive than single issues).
• This bundle does include the subscriber 30% discount.
• Ordering this bundle after the release of part 1 may reduce your chances of acquiring the full tie-in story.
• Be aware that comics are subject to delays and changed by the publisher.
• You can cancel any title at any time, it will not cancel your bundle unless you request it.

Available Now!

Our Price: 2.65
Shop Price : 2.65 per following issue