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Mouse Guard Vol. 3 Black Axe B and W Ed HC

Mouse Guard Vol 3 Black Axe B and W Ed HC

Mouse Guard Vol 3 Black Axe B and W Ed HC

(W) David Petersen (A/CA) David Petersen

Experience Mouse Guard: The Black Axe , the third volume in David Petersen's Eisner Award-winning
fantasy series, like never before in this stunning black-and-white, oversized collection.
Matching the page size of Petersen's inked pages and featuring vellum overlays mimicking his process of
conveying weather effects, this gorgeous edition brings readers as close as possible to holding the series'
original artwork.
With a hand-numbered, limited print run featuring a slipcase and felt cover, Mouse Guard: The Black Axe
Black and White Edition is an experience to be treasured and pored over by collectors and art enthusiasts
Set in 1115, this beautifully illustrated prequel to Fall 1152 & Winter 1152 spins the tale of how the wise
oldfur Celanawe came to own and take up the legendary weapon and the title of The Black Axe.
"David Petersen's Mouse Guard series boasts a rich mythology gorgeous, warmly colored depictions of the natural
world vibrantly realized characters and spectacular set pieces featuring bold adventures and narrow escapes... These
are rodents with gravitas ." - NPR

May 23rd 2018

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