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The Zoohunters #5

The Zoohunters #5

The Zoohunters #5

Written and art by Peter Steigerwald, covers by Peter Steigerwald, Billy Tan, Joe Benitez and David Finch.

There IS life on other planets—THEY find it.

Having narrowly survived their detestable agreement with Qaurec and his gang, Abros, Ty, Minalara and The Dog cross the galaxy dealing with the fallout from the mission. Their endangerment deepens as complications manifest— leaving them only one way out…to hunt down Qaurec, Cevallo and their crews!

Creator and artist Peter Steigerwald presents to you the hit Aspen series – THE ZOOHUNTERS!

January 24th 2018

Online Price: 3.20
Subscriber Price: 2.30