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Wasted Space #6

Wasted Space #6

Wasted Space #6

Writer: Michael Moreci Art & Cover: Hayden Sherman Colorist: Jason Wordie Letterer: Jim Campbell Designer: Tim Daniel


Synopsis: The whole fam damily is back! Billy visits a crooked politician. Dust and Fury make sweet bot-love in unsanitary locations. A ghost haunts Molly’s visions of Rex. And Legion pets a dog. The galaxy is still totally f**ked, but maybe together they can un-f**k it—probably not.

Now (officially!) an ongoing, Wasted Space returns from Michael Moreci (Star Wars, Roche Limit, Black Star Renegades) and Hayden Sherman (Old Man Logan, Cold War, The Few).

January 30th 2019

Online Price: 3.20
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