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Witching Hour Bundle

Witching Hour Bundle

Witching Hour Bundle

It can be difficult to keep on top of all the titles and crossovers involved in a DC event so we're here to save you the hassle with a bundle, keeping everything on one place!

Don't miss out on the Witching Hour excitement with this bundle that will automatically subscribe you to the following:

• Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark: Witching Hour Part 1 (one-shot)
• Wonder Woman #56 - Part 2
• Justice League Dark #4 - Part 3
• Wonder Woman #57 - Part 4
• Justice League Dark and Wonder Woman: Witching Hour Part 5 (one-shot)

Adding this to your basket will ensure you recieve all series' and arcs relating to the above titles (Such as any further specials or tie-inss. If you are already subscribed to something on this list fear not! You can still add it to your subscription; rest assured you will not receive duplicates.

Additional terms:

• Please note the individual cost may fluctuate depending on the issue (ex. Annuals are more expensive than single issues).
• This bundle does include the subscriber 30% discount.
• Ordering this bundle after the release of part 1 of an arc will entitle you to available back issues.
• Be aware that comics are subject to delays and changes by the publisher.
• You can cancel any title at any time, it will not cancel your bundle unless you request it.

Available Now!

Online Price: 3.20
Subscriber Price: 2.30 per following issue (Per cost price)